My friend Bob from Kenya

Foto: © Mattias Granberg

Hi Bob!

I will remember the talk we had on the beach, when we were talking about Kenya, Sweden, slave history and all that. While you’re relative’s son running around playing in the sand until the sunset.

It’s a very good memory from Zanzibar!

Best regards your Friends Mattias & Tove

Postat av: Bob Okal

You two will always occupy a special place in my heart.I cannot just let those memories fade.It was so nice talking to you along the beach and in the hotel.You are so nice and caring friends!You made my holiday in Zanzibar a total success!It is my hope that we will accomplish even bigger things together in future.Surely,I will always be there for you as a friend.May you always have in mind that I Bob mind about you and you will always be in my mind!We will forever be friends!

All the best!

You friend,


2010-04-16 @ 16:51:30

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